• About us

Fara Darya Arsheh (here in after called FDA) is a multidisciplinary firm of consultants, architects and engineers. FDA is established in Tehran in 2001, IRAN.

Our advisory services cover the broad spectrum: the sustainable interaction between people and their environment in regard to spatial development, infrastructure & transport, managing consultants, architecture & building, mechanical & electrical services, environment, water, coastal and maritime. We advise governmental and also private sector organizations all over the world using our experience and expertise.

FDA has been ranked as grade #1 in the field of “Design of Ports and Marine Structures” issued by Management and Planning Organization of IRAN (MPO).

FDA has also obtained certificates from MPO in the fields of:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Design of Roads, Bridges and other related structures
  • Architectural Design of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
    • Farhad Darabinia
      Managing Director
      Member of the board since: 2001
      Managing Director since: 2012
      Born in: 1973
    • Babak JoAfshan
      Member of the board since: 2010
      Born in: 1971
    • Alireaza Mehrdadkia
      Member of the board since: 2017
      Born in: 1969
  • Clients

Government services, local authorities, national agencies and major public companies in Iran have been FDA’s main clients. But FDA has also developed its assistance to the private sector over recent years.

FDA provides assistance and guidance to industrial companies, contractors and investors on development projects, acquisitions, rehabilitation or upgrading schemes.

  • Services

FDA offers an extensive modular range of services that can be adapted to suit the needs of each of its clients. FDA can act as:

  • Consultant to owners for regional development projects
  • Coordinator and supervisor of infrastructure projects
  • Management Contracting (MC) for various fields of Marine Structures
  • Technical solutions or assistance to the projects at crucial stages
  • Auditor and evaluator of project, sites or public policies
  • Project design office at all stages from preliminary studies to implementation